Riga IV  

ADVANCED POLYCARBONATE RIGA Style:​  The pinnacle of a greenhouse, hands down the best when you require performance.  The triple or double-walled 10 year poly panels insulate and diffuse light to ensure heat build-up and retention while minimizing the sun's direct intensity.   Precisely engineered and stout aluminum framing enables these  'Do it yourself kits'  to see many years of service, with the highest tolerance of extreme weather conditions of wind, snow, and salt spray.  The insulating ability, especially of the triple walled variety, enables the owner to consider winter heating as an option if the need is there.


  • The Riga is quite possibly the best greenhouse available today
  • Highly engineered
  • Heavy aluminum framing
  • Automatic roof vents
  • Classic Dutch door
  • Onion/gothic arch design combats inclement weather with superior strength
  • Highgrade UV protected polycarbonate
  • Additional accessories available:




  • Rear window and locking doors on all units

Riga IV, greenhouse

  • 9’8”x14’x7’6”  -  $4999.00