We offer a wide variety of greenhouse styles and sizes. Choose from polycarbonate or glass panes and standard gable or riga styled arched appearances. Whichever you choose, you can be assured of quality materials and craftsmanship and the perfect home for your year round garden.

Making the Right Choice: When selecting a greenhouse, there are several things to consider.  The type of material used to construct the unit, desired size, location, how it will be used and what you want to grow.  The following is intended to help you make the proper choice if you are new to greenhouse ownership.

The Polycarbonate Greenhouse

The polycarbonate greenhouse can be the ultimate workhorse addition to your garden and growing plans.  Double and triple-wall polycarbonate insulates and retains heat 3 to 5 times longer than single layer material.  Light-weight, yet strong tensile strength protects your structure from rocks, branches and other common yard altercations. Polycarbonate splits and diffuses light, so there is no burning of light-sensitive plants in your greenhouse.  Polycarbonate also cuts down on too much UV exposure, and panels are easy to clean, requiring minimal care and maintenance.


The Glass Greenhouse

The classic beauty of a glass greenhouse can add value to your home: an irresistible and also practical improvement.  Tempered glass is ridged which provides strength and endurance under the toughest of weather conditions. It is always available and installs easily.

The greater Pacific Northwest has comparatively mild weather, which means glass works well to protect vegetation and prevent freezing temperatures from impacting your plants, particularly with the addition of floor material for thermal mass.   Because glass and aluminum are lifetime products, glass is a great choice for many years of growing vegetables and other plants of your choice.